Command-T installation on windows

I have been trying VIM as an editor for software development in Windows and it has been a bit troublesome. If you have never tried, I suggest you do. You will probably need 1 day to configure all to your tasting and understand how to move around; and then 2-3 days to catch up to your previous performance. By the end of the week, having tasted all the candies from the plugins, you will never look back!

Finally, I’ve got it all put together (yay!). This is my 2 cents about how to get command-t plugin working. The trick is that the version of ruby to install the plugin and the version of ruby supported by Vim have to be the same. (Here I am explaining for ruby187, but you can use ruby 197 if you use a version of Vim which targets that same version – read more here

  1. Download ruby installer 1.8x: (I will assume it will install to \ruby187)
  2. Download the Ruby Dev Kit (again from ) and extract it to \ruby187
  3. Get a Vim with ruby support. Type “vim –version” in a shell and look for ruby. If you have +ruby, skip this step. If you have -ruby, you need to download a version with ruby support (
  4. Download command-t:
  5. Open it with vim and type “:O %” to extract it.
  6. Now we compile the plugin. Execute \ruby187\msys.bat then:
    cd <yourVimInstall>\ruby\command-t
    ruby extconf.rb
    make install

We are done!

Take a tour about command-t in action:

If you still have issues, check this or this.

If you have multiple versions of ruby in your system and using Pik, you could/should modify \Windows\vim.bat and \Windows\gvim.bat to use the desired ruby version like this:

call pik use 187
-> original content here <-
call pik default

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